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The Man…The Myth…The Legend

The best thing to happen to residual income since residual income. Ok, maybe not, but I like the way that sounds.



A Man With Purpose…

Before your mind begins to wonder, I don’t drive a Mercedes and live in 10,000 square foot house worth millions. Well, at least not yet, I’m still working on it. But what I do have is years of experience (both good and bad) in Network Marketing and Internet Marketing, in which these experiences have allowed me to see  success in both in the recent months. Hell, I’m still learning myself. Trust me, I’m not claiming to be a guru, but I think what I’ve learned from my experiences and other people experiences can possibly help you make residual income. So let’s reach an understanding, I’m not professing that everything is picture perfect in my life and that I’m making ten of thousands of dollars every single month.

Truth is, I’m not. However, I’m making more passive income now than I ever have in the past ten years. Well…what changed? After all these years of chasing residual income, I realized when you have residual income coming in from a solid company, opportunity, or product that is combined with marketing strategies that work, you will realize that multiple streams of income come easier! More importantly, that buys you something that no one can sell, that is TIME. Time is what we are really after. Time with our spouse, kids, and friends. Time to travel and see the world. If you are really after TIME, then residual income can be the key that unlocks the door!




Enhancing Lives Through Residual Income

You have the power to choose what direction your life goes in. Make the empowering choice.

My Success: I think we all selfishly want to be successful, and rightfully so. But here is the question, what happens after you reach your goals? What happens after you achieve success? True success is not defined about how much money you make, what car you drive, or how big your home is. True success is about how many others you helped become successful. Most people think that its all about them, but in reality, its not. Imagine where we would be if everyone simply helped each other and stopped trying to keep the “riches” to themselves. Well, I believe in helping others reach their goals because I remembered being the one that needed the help! If not for the help, I wonder where my life would me.

My Thoughts: Thought is 1st possible in the mind, then in reality. This is a quote that simply changed my life. If you don’t take any else from this blog, remember everything in life goes through this one single process: ->Thought -> Mind -> Reality! Most people put restrictions on themselves because that can’t envision themselves having “IT”. They think it is realistic to think small or comfortable, because “dreaming big” will never happen. They envision themselves being mediocre. Whether you know it or not, your thoughts create your reality. If you can’t mentally see your success, the chances of it manifesting is next to none. Being realistic is a dream|goal killer and will never allow you to reach your goals!


Now that you know my views on success and mindset, take a deeper look into my life to see how I arrived at this point and why I will never look back. You may be surprised!




Take a brief look inside the life of Chase Harris.

Beware, there is some good, some bad, and some ugly in here. But a great story nonetheless.




Judging by the picture above, yes, I’m human just like you, and please excuse the “model picture” I took on the home page, I was bringing sexy back (click the Facebook “Like” button if you think I’m sexy). I am a 20 something year old (I refuse to tell my real age) guy from Chicago who makes residual income through multiple streams of income both offline and online. Looking back on my life, I am one fortunate guy. I realize that not everyone in life has the opportunities that I have had, and my philosophy is when you get to the door of opportunity, you don’t walk through and close it; but rather reach back and bring others through it as well.  This is the reason why I’m telling my story!  By the time you are finished reading this page, I hope I inspire you to take a chance on yourself and be different, be bold, and create the road you want to walk on. Let’s start with the beginning of my story…..






Phase 1: The Graduation

Finance: 3rd hardest degree program known to humans.


Lack of Experience: After I graduated from Southern Illinois University Carbondale with a Finance Degree, I jumped into the real estate market in 2006. Why? One lesson that I learned very quickly is that when it comes to finance majors, all employers want you to have 2-5 yrs experience, and this is for an entry level position. How can I gain experience if you refuse to hire me based on lack of experience? Remember, it is not what you know, its who you know.

Let the good times roll: Knowing 1st hand how difficult finding a job could be, I chose to walk a different path. So, I became a mortgage consultant and like most people in real estate, I became very successful. I made a lot of money really fast, but whats worse is that I lost more money even faster. I actually thought the money would last forever. Only problem is I created some huge debts. Some debts that pointed me to one direction: Bankruptcy!




Where Everything Went Wrong

As the old saying goes: It is what it is. However, I did enjoy it!

Proof Of PurchaseProof Of Purchase

The New Truck: In November 2006, I bought a 2006 Land Rover LR3 (of course I bought some 3k rims). This set me back roughly 40k. Funny thing is I don’t regret it, I learned from this experience. If you want to purchase a Land | Range Rover, just know that all 4 brakes and rotors costs $1300+, and that was in 2007.

Bankruptcy Discharge PapersBankruptcy Discharge Papers

The Maxed Out Credit Cards: You would think with a Degree in Finance that I would know better. Nope, I was young and having fun, I honestly thought I would never stop making between 7k-10k a month with mortgages. Ha, silly me. Over 15k in debt. Anyway, this debt and the truck forced me into bankruptcy.

Chase Harris enjoying the party life!Chase Harris enjoying the party life!

Party Party Party: I never had any idea of how much money I was spending on partying. That stuff adds up. From top notch restaurants to traveling, I unnecessarily spent countless dollars on partying. How do I know? We reviewed my bank statements while going through bankruptcy. #Shrug my shoulders



I'm not looking for any sympathy here, but want you to see how a great situation can turn bad overnight. However, I don't regret one single thing because I learned so much. This takes us into Phase 2 of my life: The Learning Curve.





The “Career

I call this “The Good Ole Days”

After my mortgage broker went bankrupt, I had no idea of what I was going to do. There is an old saying, “Sometimes you are the pigeon, sometimes you are the statue.” I guess you can figure out which one I was at this time. It was a weird state in my life that I often seen in movies. I was young, broke, and roughly 60k in debt with no plan in site! This lead me to search for ways to make money online. I tried several network marketing companies, but since most companies

are product based companies (you have to order a product every month in order to make money), the economy also put these companies at risk. I made money the first couple of months and then BOOM, everyone cancelled the product they really didn’t need. Another hard lesson I learned is that people simply did not have the money to order stuff that they “really” did not need every month. Let’s call this part of my story “Lesson Learned”.

The Job

I be damned! Tried hard to avoid this.

Although I was still searching for ways to make money online, I was forced to get a 9 to 5 job. I am not a big fan of those. In fact, I still have one, this one is less stressful, but since the real estate market hurt me and my family pretty bad, I set the bar pretty high for where I want my residual income to be before I quit. I also own an online health company called HotBody, LLC. I know, I get the HotBody joke all the time, but at that time, that seemed

like the perfect name for what I was trying to accomplish. Through all the years of trials and tribulations (geezz I had a lot), I knew one thing was for sure, I did not want to work for someone for the rest of my life. Managers tracking your every movement is just something that is not appealing to me. I’m not unemployable, I’m just “un-micromanagable”. It is no way that I will work like that until I’m 65 yrs old. Living like that is totally unacceptable to me. Ok, I will stop my rant here.





What changed in my life?

The answer is quite simple. I made the Empowering Choice!


As luck would have it, the economy going down was the best thing that could have happened to me. I would have never looked for ways to make residual income had it not happened. I have finally found a true residual income that is real and sustainable and the timing could not be better for the green energy market that I’m’ making it in. This has allowed me to expand my family, plan a wedding  ”I got married”, and most of all, do it comfortably. About damn time (as I wipe my brow).




My Awards & Testimonials

One word: Humility. It is a blessing to have come as far as I have come. Now it is time to help others the same way I’ve been helped!



Leadership Development

     Being a leader means creating leaders!


To be recognized as a top leader in the company is one of the most humbling experiences in my life. To know that my hard work has helped others reach their goal and be recognized for it at a corporate event such as Light It Up 2012 on the “Big Stage” was quite awesome. What I’ve learned in this so called “networking business” is the more you give to people, the more you exactly receive from people. I make no secrets about my failures or successes, I simply coach on what I know is effective so that an individual can have a chance at becoming a successful business owner.



Customer Appreciation

Without the customer, there is no business!


It is great when your peers recognize you for doing good work, but it is special when customers do it. This award was given for making sure customers were aware of all our features and making sure they understood our terms and conditions. Well, those are pretty easy so I can’t take too much credit. But most of all, I think all my customers appreciated monthly savings and the yearly check they receive. Trust me, being honest to the customer is the only way to be. Customers not only appreciate it, but they can give you a greater gift than their business, and that is referrals.





#2 Income Earner

Men lie, women lie, numbers don’t. I knew I made a little noise in the company, but I did not know I was the #2 Income Earner at the end of 2011. Wow, I have come a long way and trust me when I tell you, thought is 1st possible in the mind, then in reality. Belief in yourself and perseverance can take you a long way. If don’t want to watch the entire video, just fast-forward to the 2:15 mark. Fyi, I wouldn’t be mad if you chose the to option to fast-forward.





Danny Glover, Actor & Network Marketer


This is a picture with me and Danny Glover, he was at a Regional Event where I was doing training for Independence Energy Alliance, and he wanted to thank me for what I taught and congratulate me on the awards I won. Imagine that, a famous actor like Danny Glover appreciated what I taught about network marketing. By far on of the most humbling experiences of my life.



Jenni Flowers, Successful Affiliate Marketer


Affiliate marketing is great when you making money, but when your not, it seems like a waste of time. I remember losing my ranking with Google due to the panda updates, I was stuck thinking now what. The “what” was Chase Harris. If you are just relying on one method of marketing, you are not going to make it in this industry. You need multiple strategies along with doing some testing to see which is best for your niche.


 Jorge & Elia Lopez,  Independence Energy


When it comes to making residual income, people will tell you whatever you want to here in order to follow them. Chase tells you about good months, bad months, and all of the above. Being transparent in business is very important. You can not put a price on honesty. He did not make it seem like a get rich quick scheme, cause it truly isn’t. He told me the truth, that hard work is needed to be successful. This is the reason I partnered with Chase via Independence Energy.




The Bottom Line: Why You….Why Now?

If you are interested in making residual income, let’s learn together, let’s grow together, let’s change our lives.




I learned a good lesson from a marketing genius name Justine Brooke, “A business is not a website or service that makes you money. A business is a solution provided to a specific market envisioned by you and powered by other peoples money and other peoples time. In order to live and grow, a business needs a clear customer acquisition strategy that is stable and scalable. Anything else is just a revenue producing hobby“. If you are currently looking to earn residual income, use this blog to see what it is like, see what is involved, and make a sound decision without paying someone or some company and be subjected to false income claims. There are a lot of products and services to sell, but that does not mean they all are profitable. However, the most common methods of how to earn residual income and be found in my “How to’s” guide to making residual income below.





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And last, but not certainly least! Please read the following thoroughly.

So What Should You Take From My Story?

 Your burning desire will ultimately measure your success!




How Big Is Your Belief ?

Whatever you think you will do, you will eventually do. Point is, I always “BELIEVED” in myself. My burning desire to be successful with earning a residual income is unconquerable. This is why I continued through all the failures. Failure is the true and only path to success. Failure is nothing more than a teacher. You can not fear failure.  Fear is a mind killer, a little evil that will eat you from the inside out. You must learn to control, conquer, and overcome fear.




Why Chase Harris, Why The Residual Income Done Right Blog?

 Thought is 1st possible in the mind, then in reality. ~ Freddie Taylor



The Blog: With this blog, I want to be completely honest with everything I do offline and online in regards to passive income ideas. I’m going to open up my life to you so that you do not have to question who I am. Most importantly, I want to INSPIRE! Helping others in a geniune way (not to gain an advantage or profit) and having that individual(s) acknowledge what you are trying to do is the greatest satisfaction in the world.

The Value: Money comes and goes, but relationships can last forever, and that is where the true values lies. The greatest value is in the person, not the product or service, nor the company. Its the relationship that gives you longevity, because better products, services, and companies will manifest. I understand that many people in network marketing and internet marketing will sell you a pipe dream if you let them.

The Skills: Some claim in order to explode the residual income model, you need a magic residual income formula. The reality of the situation is that you will need one thing: Skills! Some people are naturally talented speakers, some have great charisma. However, with the lack of skills, talent can only take you so far. Developing skills require a hard work ethic, determination, focus, perseverance, and a positive mindset.

The Burning Desire: I firmly believe your success will be directly linked with your burning desire to succeed. I always had the burning desire, I just never had the coaching and strategies. That is why the systems and strategies I use are here for you to see for free. I’m not trying to brag about my recent success, but rather show it so that you can see it is 100% possible for you to become successful with ways to make money online just like I did.